Why Cleansing Is Important To Your Health

Accumulating too much toxins has harmful effects that range from minor hormonal imbalances, skin breakouts, and gastrointestinal problems, to more serious conditions like inflammatory conditions, and cognitive problems.

As much as we would want to completely eradicate these toxins, we unfortunately, can’t. Toxins can occur naturally or synthetically in the environment. They are poisons to the body that manifest both internally and externally. Stress can also increase the level of body toxins, which are usually the result of tedious daily activities. Continue reading »

Introduce coconut water to your children


Tropicana Coco Quench Wobble

Children run on seemingly boundless reserves of energy, staying from the house to the school and to their recreation grounds. Compared with adults, active children tend to retain heat more easily, thus lose more fluids in the body more quickly. The rainy season also causes rapid changes in the body’s temperature, which makes children more susceptible to fever, exhaustion, and dehydration. Continue reading »

Gourmet Quality Burger from Wham!

The Whammer

Wham! Burgers has been widely known for a few years now as a quick service gourmet burger restaurant that serves only the freshest 1/3 pound pure beef patties. Their ground beef cylinders are never frozen so as to not reduce freshness.

Although the evolution of gourmet burger didn’t happen overnight, there was surely a good market for foodies who has grown weary of the typical offerings and go beyond the usual flavors but still affordable. Now, food lovers in the Philippines have long known that good quality burger is a must-have item in a casual-style restaurant.

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100 Best Loved Recipes By Del Monte Kitchenomics

For over three decades, Del Monte Kitchenomics has been crafting delicious, nutritious, and budget-friendly meals, and sharing these recipes for Filipino families to enjoy. This 2014, it makes its best-loved dishes even more accessible to kitchen kings and queens who wish to whip up a filling, heartwarming home-cooked meal.Del Monte Kitchenomics and Summit Books bring you 100 Best-Loved Recipes from the Del Monte Kitchen to Yours, a handy recipe book packed with 100 family-friendly dishes that will give everyone from Dad to the kids a lip-smacking good time. Continue reading »