The Benefits of Healthy Eating Habits and a Proper Insurance Plan

The Benefits of Healthy Eating Habits and a Proper Insurance Plan.

The modern lifestyle has brought us all the ease and comfort we need in this lifetime but along with it are the unhealthy habits we developed along the way. With the abundance of food available for consumption to those who can avail it, it is said that some of us have deplorable eating habits, one that doesn’t think about our health. But slowly, many of us realize the harm that unhealthy eating habits can cause to our health. We cut down on our food and start developing a healthy habit.

Healthy habits are hard to develop but if we want to live longer, changing our mindset is all that we require and of course a lot of sacrifices. Sacrifices for the sake of our family. Developing healthy habits is very forward-looking just like having a proper Insurance plan. Haven’t you wonder why many Filipinos are afraid of Insurance and run away when someone offers them one? Thankfully, everything is changing now and we are becoming broad-minded when it comes to insurance. If improving on our healthy eating habits is a sacrifice we need to make then having a proper insurance plan is also a sacrifice to better and protect our future on which the impact can be far-reaching.

This is what RCBC Bankard with Malayan insurance, the consistent number one non-life insurer in the country, is all about. They recognize the values of family and their well-being as they introduce health plans whose coverage is extended to the family.

RCBC and Malayan thru the Yuchengco Group of Companies Services Inc. (YGC-CSI) offers different Health Protection Plans depending on your needs. It includes Malayan Family Protect Elite, Malayan Family Protect, Malayan Insurance Family Protect Plus, Hospital Cash Plan, Family Shield, and Card For Life.

One of its many benefits are the cash given for hospital confinement. There is also additional for ICU coverage. More good news is that hospital expenses are reimbursable and the beneficiary can receive cash for accidental deaths, critical care, accidental death, disability and/or dismemberment.

If you avail of the Family Protect Elite product, additional benefits such as Educational Cash Assistance, House Rental Cash allowance, and Monthly Cash Pension are also provided.

When it comes to paying your claims, Malayan makes sure in paying these claims in a timely and efficient fashion whether it is on hospitalization and other health care services you can avail. Since the world has gone digital, you can now submit your claim electronically with their Online Claims Filing facility thus, you can be assured of getting paid fast. Can you imagine that your claim can be processed in five working days? Email notifications are sent as soon as your claims are available.

The Malayan Insurance Family Protect product line echoes the pioneering spirit of Malayan in providing products that truly cater to the Filipinos love for their families. Insurance is an investment that is forward-looking. It is a necessity. We do not hold the future but we can be wise in anticipating it and protecting the health, wealth and well-being of those we love.

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