4 Fun Gift Baskets for Corporate Events

Gift baskets are great presents for bosses, clients and general corporate types. However, you might want to steer clear of the cliched fruit basket. You won’t send a good impression by looking dull and uncreative. Instead, dazzle your VIPs with one of these unique corporate gift baskets!

1. Spa Treatments

Who wouldn’t enjoy a chance to pamper themselves? The trick is to make sure that your spa basket isn’t overly feminine; you don’t want to insult or stereotype anyone. Look for something that’s full of gender-neutral bath products. For example, you could find a basket filled with organic products or something with a “cabin resort” theme.

2. Candy

You can’t go wrong with candy gift baskets. Even if your recipient doesn’t like sweets, there’s probably someone in their life who will eat the goodies for them, so your gift won’t go to waste. A candy gift basket also sends the impression that you’re a trendy, fun-loving company, so you can work that angle to your advantage. For extra fun, find a basket with candy bars arranged like blooming flowers!

3. Movies

Do you work in an industry of Hollywood types? Or maybe you just happen to know that your newest client is a big fan of Marvel flicks. You can make their day by giving them a movie-themed gift basket filled with popcorn, concession snacks and Redbox certificates. It’s a gift that will definitely get used at some point.

4. Gourmet Treats

This is the kind of gift basket that’s suitable for acquaintances or first-time clients that you don’t know very well. Instead of guessing at their interests, you can play it safe with a gift basket filled with gourmet chocolates, cheeses or coffees. They’ll appreciate the refined nature of the gift, and you can send a statement that you’re a high class company willing to indulge your clients.

If you’re looking for unique corporate gift baskets, these are some of the most exciting. Not only will they give a good impression of your business, but the recipients will definitely get a kick out of your creativity and ingenuity!

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