3 Ways that organic tea is better than other kinds

Organic tea is basically a type of tea that is free from chemicals. Certified organic tea leaves are grown without herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers that compromise the health quality of your tea. Tea comes from a plant species called Camellia sinensis. There are 4 types of tea: white, green, oolong, and black.

White tea is the rarest kind, as they’re made from young tea leaves that take a lot of time to harvest. It’s usually more expensive because the yield is very small. Green tea is perhaps the most popular, due to its numerous health benefits. It’s a mild type of tea that comes from the leaf bud and the top two leaves. Unlike black tea, it isn’t fermented and oxidized, leaving the leaves preserved and its beneficial compounds intact. Oolong is popular in China, and is made by moderately fermenting tea leaves. Finally, black tea is the strongest in taste. It goes through a complex fermentation process where the leaves are withered, partially fermented, and dried. Continue reading »