4 Myths about coffee that you never knew about

To most people, coffee is life itself, well not in the literal sense of the word! Coffee helps stimulate the brain in the morning, help people stay warm in cold weather, and even help keep the brain active when working late in the night. Basically, a cup of coffee is an essential to many people. However, like every other product out there, there are numerous myths surrounding coffee. Some of these myths exaggerate the importance of coffee, while others border on fear-mongering. To help you enjoy your cup of coffee without such distractions, let’s go through 4 myths about coffee that you never knew about.

1. Coffee can trigger heart disease

You have probably never heard of this myth, otherwise you wouldn’t be cheerfully enjoying your daily dose of coffee. However, let this myth not scare you. There is no research proving that coffee indeed causes heart disease. Of the many researches that have been conducted on this subject, none has come up with results showing a correlation between coffee and heart disease. It’s probably a myth that came from people who just don’t like coffee, and would like everyone else to join them.

2. Coffee can lead to stunted growth

Most people don’t know of this myth, or they heard of it in childhood but forgot about it. According to this myth, when a child takes coffee, it slows down bone formation. But before you rush to disqualify your 5 year old from taking coffee ever again, just realize that there is no research showing any correlation between stunted growth and coffee.  It is probably a myth that was started by people looking to market other beverages.

3. Coffee can help you lose weight

If you struggling with weight issues, you will most likely love this myth because it is actually true. That’s because one you of the things that coffee does to your body is drive up the metabolic rate. A faster metabolism means that your body breaks up calories faster, and lose weight in the process. On top of that, taking coffee does reduce your appetite. The combination of a faster metabolic rate, and a reduced appetite means that you will lose weight faster than if you are not taking coffee. Of course you have to work out and eat healthy too, for you to realize the full benefits of coffee.

4. Coffee can help slow down age-related ailments

This is probably one of the myths about coffee that has been there for a while, but was not yet proven. Now there is emerging research showing that coffee can help reduce the chances of getting Parkinson’s disease. There is also some research showing that it can slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s. To increase your chances of a healthier and longer life, maybe it’s time to start taking coffee, if you are yet to join the coffee bandwagon. You can get some of the best coffee from Tea and Coffee, and won’t regret it.