Grocery Shopping Made Easy with Easy Grocery

When I was in the United States I was totally dependent on online grocery shopping I felt as if my life depended on it. I was always shipping that someone would create an app that would be apt for the Philippine market. I was really excited to be available to try this app.

These are the same exact dilemmas of Easy Grocery President and Developer Mr. Eugene Leoncio described on how he came up with the perfect solution, the Easy Grocery App! He wants his wife to have the easiest, most flexible way to grocery so she won’t have to queue in lines, forgot items, surpass the budget nor literally skip the shopping because she’s either too tired, too busy, or both.

Easy Grocery is a location-based app where customers can purchase grocery items and have it delivered to their doorsteps. It is practically grocery-shopping without leaving the comforts of your home or anywhere you may be.

All you need is your smartphone, an internet connection. Grocery shopping finally made easy with Easy Grocery App.

How to Easy Grocery

1) Download the App from App Store or Googleplay Store

2) Set your delivery location

3) Select your delivery location

4) Pay using Credit Card, Cash or PayPal

5) Choose your delivery option: Store Pickup or Home Delivery

6) Wait for your grocery.

Payment options:

(1) Credit/Debit card

(2) COD, Cash on Delivery

(3) Earned Points

Another reason why Easy Grocer is ahead of its competitors is the fact that once you signed up, you are automatically eligible for earned points every time you do your shopping via their app. One complete grocery transaction is equal to a point that you could collect and use as payment!

Things To Know About Easy Grocery App

No Price Mark Up

Price is the same in the app and in leading groceries. This is definitely a win-win situation for shoppers because they get the same SRP but less the challenge of going to the grocery.
Different Payment Options

Currently, Easy Grocery is accepting credit and debit cards, cash on delivery and points earned through the app.

Provides Real-Time Data

As providing convenience is one of the priorities of Easy Grocery, the app sends notifications to its customers so they know the status of their order. The application is equipped with GPS tracker that enables the customers to get real-time data. What’s cool is that shoppers can also contact their riders.

Out Of Stock Notification

The Easy Grocery app will send a notification if the item is not in stock. A runner will also contact you to give you options.

Easy Grocery’s Mission is to provide convenience, quality service and a “no-worries” grocery shopping and grocery. And although they are only currently available for shoppers in the Metro, with their vision to be one of the leading grocery delivery services in Asia, they are on their way to expand their territory!

One of Easy Grocery’s objective is to be able to provide its customers with a wide variety of supermarket options. It is for this reason that they do not have a tie-up with any particular supermarket. They also as mentioned earlier do not mark up products, so how do they earn? Honestly, just by their runners and riders fees.

Runner’s fee is a fixed Php 100.00. Runner/s are trained personnel who will act as buyers of your orders from the store you have chosen – SM Supermarkets, Ayala Metromarkets, Robinson’s Rustan’s, and Puregold to name a few.

Just a few observations :

1. Search buttons are definitely needed for this app. It’s a bit tricky to be scrolling up and download A search button would have made my life easier when I was testing the app,

2. Please sell Rice because that was the first item that I looked for when I was looking and exploring the app.

3. Please add more inventories because it’s really lacking. I have cats and I looked for cat food and it wasn’t available.

4. Please add more grocery affiliates as I wanted items from Shopwise , Cash and Carry or even Waltermart 

5. Please make chat button with staff easier to use as that was really a challenge I got two notifications about the items that I ordered and I really had a hard time because I couldn’t read the messages right away. It took me 15 minutes to figure out that part.

Try Easy Grocery right now! Download the app on Apple Store or Google Play!

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