A Pocketful of Hugs

Just like any other mom I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks for my kids. I want to be healthy and filling and affordable is always a plus. So I was excited when Gardenia sent me a small box so my kids can try it.

Even our cat wanted to get into the action. As much as he wanted to taste it my kids wouldn’t allow him to do so.

Just like any typical siblings my kids love to play but their kind of play is different from other kids I guess it’s because of their age difference. My son has a hard time with games that require him to run and my daughter doesn’t like games that would make her sweat. I also discourage my kids from playing with gadgets so i think the claw machine game is perfect medium.

After a challenging game they rest and enjoy their new found snack which Pocketful Sandwich from Gardenia which comes in two variants Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

For me the best part aside from the taste is that they already removed the corners of the bread. My kids don’t even like that and I always have to cut it out whenever they want bread and who is the unwilling victim who has to eat it? Of course.Who else but yours truly… 

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