Savoy Bistro Makati’s Best Kept French Bistro


Savoy Bistro is housed inside the East Asian Art Gallery. The said establishment owned by Chef Robert LiljaChef Robert introduced us Continental Classic Cooking “Haute Cuisine” specials originating from recipes dating back to as early as 1837.

He was known as “A Humble Cook“. He looked after restaurants like La Tasca, Pacific Club, Danish Connection, The Gustavian, Brasserie Boheme and now Savoy Bistro. Before that he had 10 years of working in Europe and US. His client list of consultancies include Asian Development Bank – Century Properties – Casino Espanol de Cebu – Marriott Hotel – Lhuillier group and 22 more. Having mastered the European Classic Cuisine for decades have left a certain calm and satisfaction that is fueled by customer satisfaction.

The ambience was lovely with a great range of interesting artifacts and paintings. Food was varied and interesting wine list (mainly French).
Food was excellent, mussels in the cream sauce delicious, fish, lamb, beef all cooked beautifully and served in a friendly warm way.

Here’s a preview of what we had..


Gravlax Salmon Platter-  This is salmon marinated in dill and vodka. Incidentally  they make their own Gravlax or gravad lax (300 year-old recipe) which is a Nordic dish


Mussels & Co. White wine & cream- The mussels were fresh, plump and juicy. I loved  mixing the two sauces in my bowl, throwing in chunks of crusty bread and drinking the whole thing like soup.


Chicken liver pate, pork liver pate, red beets, jamon serrano, cherry tomatoes and sundried tomatoes served with Cranberry Jam and Sourdough bread. Savoy also makes freshly-baked Sourdough bread. I totally loved this appetizer and would gladly brave the traffic to get there just to eat this dish.


Baked Mushroom and Eggplant- This is  a great dish cooked to perfection!!


Pomodori Pasta is a dish that consist of tomato sauce and garlic with chorizosavoy6

Chicken a la Point- This  Truffle-infused Chicken Breast topped with Duck Foie Gras & Caper Berries Sauce. It is so delicious!!!


Pepper Steak Madagascar is tenderloin blackened and topped with Green, Black & White Pepper Sauce. All steaks are served in 200g (7oz) portions.


 Delmonico’s Baked Cheesecake and Grand Marnier Chocolate Mousse. This is the best way to end  a great meal!

 There’s a lot more to savor, trust me, and you can only dine there from 6PM to 10PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and from 12 noon to 4PM and 6PM to 12 midnight on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Savoy Bistro is located at East Asian Art Gallery, Kalayaan Avenue, West Makati, near Rockwell. B

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