Good Eats at Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant in Armada Hotel


Raja Cuisine Restaurant is situated on top level, a breathing space destination for after-work drinks and relaxation and serves genuine Thai cuisine to be savoured al-fresco or indoor. This is also a top venue for parties ans social events. I was so surprised because the food was good and at par with what you can see at any high end Thai Restaurant and when I looked at their menu it was so affordable. Here are some of the yummy dishes that we feasted on.


Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

The Chinese may have invented fried rice but I think it’s the genius of the Thais that make fried rice sinfully delicious—they concocted pineapple fried rice. With the addition of fresh pineapple, flavored with shrimp paste, fish sauce, and comes in a hollowed out pineapple, pineapple fried rice is the only fried rice I really wanted to eat. Not only does it look visually appealing, the taste is simply mouthwatering and utterly appetizing.

Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Blending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions, Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. The spiciness of Thai cuisine is well known. As with other Asian cuisines, balance, detail and variety are of great significance to Thai chefs. Thai food is known for its balance of three to four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.


Pad Thai or Phat Thai

Pad Thai or Phat Thai is a dish of stir-fried rice stick noodles, a type of rice noodle, with fish sauce , tamarind juice, coconut palm sugar, tofu, salt pickle turnip, dried shrimp plus egg and fresh shrimp. The dish is served with a variety of vegetables on the side, although these are sometimes stir fried in to the noodles as well. Typical vegetables that can be mixed in include bean sprouts, garlic chives, banana blossoms, and pennywort, garnished with crushed peanuts, lime, crushed red chili pepper and granulated sugar. Outside of Thailand there are more choices of meat, chicken,


 Spicy Green Chicken Curry is so good but so spicy, From what was explained to me  Thai green curry is fiery hot with a hint of sweetness. The curry paste is made with fresh green Thai chili peppers.  The coconut milk helps to balance the spiciness of the dish.


Tom yum or Tom yam

Tom yum or tom yam  is a spicy clear soup typical in Laos and Thailand. Tom yum is widely served in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and has been popularised around the world.

Literally, the words “tom yum” are derived from two Tai words: “tom” and “yam”. “Tom” refers to boiling process, while “yam” refers to a kind of Lao and Thai spicy and sour salad. Thus, “tom yum” is a Lao and Thai hot and sour soup. Indeed, tom yum is characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours, with fragrant herbs generously used in the broth. The basic broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers.

In neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, the name tom yum is used widely for various spicy soups which can differ greatly from true Lao and Thai tom yum soup. As a result, people are often confused by the disparities.

Commercial tom yum paste is made by crushing all the herb ingredients and stir frying in oil. Seasoning and other preservative ingredients are then added. The paste is bottled or packaged and sold around the world. Tom yum flavoured with the paste may have different characteristics from that made with fresh herb ingredients.


Thai Pomelo Salad  is one of the most famous of all Thai salads, and a favorite among Thai food fans. Pomelo is a citrus fruit similar to grapefuit, but larger and tastes more like pink grapefruit than white. Smaller pomelos are grown in Mexico, varying in color from green to pink/coral (the larger Asian variety are also grown there). Note that grapefruit can easily be substituted for equally delicious results. This salad makes a terrific lunch, side salad, or even a beautiful starter to any Thai or Asian-style meal.


Mango Sticky Rice Dessert (Khao Niaow Ma Muang)

This Mango Sticky Rice Dessert (Khao Niaow Ma Muang) is a classic Thai dessert and SO very scrumptious. They really got this right!! This dessert has sweet rice which was steamed, as they do in Thailand. They placed some fresh mango slices over the sicky rice, which is pure heaven! If you like mangos and/or sticky rice, you’re going to love this very simple but exotic dessert.

They have a great selection of wine too and no they have no  perdomo cigars

Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant
Roof Top of Armada Hotel Manila
2108 M.H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines

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