Good Eats at Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant in Armada Hotel


Raja Cuisine Restaurant is situated on top level, a breathing space destination for after-work drinks and relaxation and serves genuine Thai cuisine to be savoured al-fresco or indoor. This is also a top venue for parties ans social events. I was so surprised because the food was good and at par with what you can see at any high end Thai Restaurant and when I looked at their menu it was so affordable. Here are some of the yummy dishes that we feasted on. Continue reading »

Gourmet Masterpieces at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls


Food lovers from all over the country savored  and experienced The  Gourmet Masterpieces – a visual and culinary feast launched by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in partnership with Asian Food Channel. For the first time, art, fashion, and food all combined in one elegant event that marks Megaworld’s continuous effort to provide something new and exciting for its patrons. Continue reading »

A Taste of Café Adriatico

Cafe Adriatico is the flagship of LJC Restaurant Group which includes Bistro RemediosCafe HavanaAbeFely J’s KitchenAbe’s FarmLorenzo’s WayLarry’s Cafe and Bar and Abe’s Farm.

 Since Cafe Adriatico opened in 1979, it has been a major landmark in Malate where artists, famous designers, box-office movie stars, government officials and reporters hang out until the wee hours in the morning. We recently visited their Mall of Asia Branch and I was really impressed Continue reading »

Chuck Deli’s Lunch Bag

Chuck’s Deli is known to many as ‘Home of the SLABWICH!’ And for sure Slabwich afficionados and slayers would be ecstatic for there’s some good news worth spreading. I just find out that Chuck’s Deli is now serving 1/4 Slabwiches! Great thing about the new promotion is that it starts at a whopping low price of  only PhP99!!! That’s just so awesome. Continue reading »

The Periodic Table of Wine

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I flunked chemistry. Alright, not quite, but close. I got a low grade and barely passed that subject. High school science was never my strong suit.

I was always fascinated by the periodic table, though. All of those beautiful letter symbols arranged so neatly on the chart. Although many of the chemical elements couldn’t be seen in real life, their names always had such an interesting ring to them. Nitrogen. Cadmium. Magnesium.

So, you probably can imagine my delight the other day when I discovered a wine version of the periodic table. The periodic table goes well with many things, including, apparently, wine. Another clever use of the periodic table in design.I like this table much better than the one I had to learn in school.I can totally see myself reading this by the garden beside the outdoor water fountains at