Generals Lechon Opens First Store in Makati


General’s Lechon is a home-based lechon venture by couple Brian and Lynett Ong, whose recipe originates from San Carlos city in Negros Occidental.  Yes, I figured out who the General is when Brian pointed to Lynett’s direction which started out as a joke General’s Lechon whose recipe originates from San Carlos City in Negros Occidental  comes in different flavors namely Original, Curry, Garlic and Chili-Garlic.

General’s Lechon is an inspiration paying homage to its ancestral beginning, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.   It is where Bryan Ong had his wife tried the best tasting lechon she had.

Though not a big fan of lechons, she fell in love with the local Negros-style lechon.  Since then she craved for it, and what can love not do, just to please his beloved.  After coming back to Manila, they had Bryan’s family lechonero come over and prepare lechon for them.


It took them more than 50 different lechons to perfect the one the couple like.   Transforming their backyard in Paranaque, into a lechonan, made them more serious and closely knitted in making sure they give out their best products.  Sure, there are countless lechon marketers around but what set theirs apart is the quality of swine they use.  It should be native pigs only.    The lechon is subtly spiced and seasoned with lemongrass, salt and leeks, among other secret ingredients.


From what used to be a small home-business, since 2007, it is now one of the most loved lechon brand in the metro and ranked as the no. 1 lechon of for 2012.   Foodies and lechon connoisseurs rave about their  lechons.  With four types of flavors filling up the lechons’ stomach, the Original, Chili-Garlic, Curry and Garlic, customers have more options to enjoy their lechon.



General’s Lechon has its own cult foodie following because of its unique lechon flavors — Chili-Garlic and Curry. There’s a constant debate on which flavors are really good and if foodies prefer these innovations or just the original lechon.

With these in mind, a new place is now open,  to stand as a pick up station for ordered lechons.    Strategically positioned at a gas station in Makati to give ease to customers getting their lechons or even buying by the kilos.    While making sure even a kilo of sliced lechon of your choice make it to your plate still palatable.

As better foodies argue, it should hold true to any litmus tests. The taste test! With that another technique was devised, a print material suggesting how General’s Lechon is to be enjoyed.

How to Enjoy Eating the Lechon:
1. Crisscross the skin
Mixing the skin with the meat is a big NO! NO! Not only will the crispiness suffer, but a part of our lechon experience is compromised. Serve the skin in a platter, better yet, eat it straight from the lechon.

2. Grab the ribs

Many say that this is one of the best parts of our lechon. Take a slab or a piece, eat it using your hands and slowly nibble.

3. Fork the belly
The belly portion contains the most flavour, and is also the tenderest part of our lechon. Go dig in using your fork and twirl it.

4. Tear the ears
Lechon aficionados love to eat ears, and we know that. This will be crispy outside and the cartilage will give you a nice chewy time. Try it, and the lechon will never look the same way again.

5. Dice the back and legs
This is usually for the late comers. Although we don’t like late comers, we still love them. That is why we made sure, that the white meat is still tasty. Feel free to dice this portion.

General’s Lechon opened  their first branch this March 20, 2013 near Edsa-Pasay Road Makati  where people can buy their flavored lechon in kilos.

Store Address:  3 Guillermo St., Ramos Compound, Sun Valley DriveParañaque City

Take-out Branch:  2nd floor of Petron Gas Station, Edsa corner Pasay Road, Makati City

For orders and delivery:  (632) 408- 6850 / (63) 917- 897 5966

For more information, visit their:


Twitter Account: @ generalslechon

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