I was invited to attend when  The Linden Suites launched the Mesclun Restaurant and Café last October 18. I was told that they would invite us to come back so we could savor what they have to offer. I actually asked Ms Kathy Salenga the director of  marketing for The Linden Suites what Mesclun (?mes-kl?n) meant. She said that Mesclun (?mes-kl?n) is widely used as a food term referring to a combination of —or a salad made with— young tender greens (such as lettuce, arugula, and chicory). The true origin of the term, however, comes from old Occitane, literally and simply meaning “mixture”.

From what I understood This new dining experience at the business community in Ortigas is inspired by Chef Katrina’s personal travels and collaborations with her team. Continue reading »