Chef Boy Logro transforms 10-kilo Turkey into mouthwatering dish in “Idol sa Kusina”

or Americans, Turkeys are a staple in every Thanksgiving celebration, but for Filipinos it’s perfect for Christmas.
This Sunday, celebrity chef Pablo “Boy” Logro is going to teach viewers of his weekly cooking show on GMA News TV, “Idol Sa Kusina,” how to prepare “Roast Turkey with Maple Mustard Sauce,” and he will use a 10-kilo Turkey for this!
As if a large-sized Turkey is not enough to fill viewers’ appetites, Chef Boy will also put an enchanting touch to the otherwise ordinary roast chicken with his dish, “Magic Stuffed Roast Chicken.”  Find out what’s so “magical” about this dish and what spell does it cast on our taste buds.
The kitchen idol will also introduce to his audience a larger-than-life dish which he names “Giant Meat Balls with Tomato, Chili and Anchovy Sauce.” The dish is not only gigantic in size but also in taste — and what’s even more surprising is that it is actually easy to prepare.
Finally, since a heavyweight meal requires a heavyweight drink, Chef Boy concocts his “Hot Buttered Apple Drink” designed to warm not just your hackles but your heart as well.
With celebrity guest, RnB star Kris Lawrence, join Chef Boy Logro this Sunday for another exciting episode of “Idol sa Kusina,” airs 7:00pm on GMA News TV Channel 11

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