A Match Made in Gastronomic Heaven

When you say Jam the first thing that comes to mind is Strawberry Jam and Marmalade. Something that I associate with a nice and yummy breakfast. When it comes to Snacks I love UBE Jams that can be bought from Good Shepperd or Tamtangco’s.

I was happy to be able to be proven wrong that Jam is so much more. It can be used to create a masterpiece dish. The Fruit Garden together with L’Entrecote Chef Matin Kaspar really changed my notion. They presented a meal incorporating jams and chutneys in all the dishes showing us how versatile jams can be. I totally loved what they served and  it was a great surprise. To tell you honestly  this was the closest I can get to gastronomy.

I have to admit I am a walking time bomb because I really can’t resist butter. I love eating bread with butter oohh lala. When I tasted this butter I was really in for a surprise. Totally did not expect it imagine a pineapple coco jam mixed in with butter. I ate this such gusto and when I my friend couldn’t finish her butter I unabashedly asked her if I could finish hers. This was the best butter ever and I really want to buy a jar of that yummy butter.

For our appetizers we had the Gruyere Cheese Croquette with Mango Spices jam, Foie Gras with black peppered Pineapple jam & Melba Toast, Goat Cheese Tartlet with Tomato Chutney & Pure Philippines Honey Dressing and we also tried the wine Laughing Lizard, Sauvignon Blanc ’09, Australia went well with the dishes. To be honest I loved the , Foie Gras with black peppered Pineapple jam & Melba Toast the best. To be honest this was the first time I’ve ever had Foie Gras. Soft and melting on the tongue – most excellent.  It is rich, creamy and full of umami. Due to its richness it tends to go well with sweet and acidic accompaniments -which really went well with the Pineapple Jam.

For the main course we had the  Orange jam marinated Duck Breast with Cointreau Orange Sauce on Polenta with green Asparagus & Crispy Wine Maker Cheese this time our wine is Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon Oak Aged ’09, Argentina.  This l’orange recipe for seared duck breast glazed with sweet orange sauce. This was so good!!!!The duck was cooked very well and marinated so well that I really, really tasted the essence of the jam in the dish. Wish really says that the Chef did an Amazing  Job.

For dessert We had a Duo of Chocolate Mousse with Four Seasons jam & Fruit Cocktail jam. This was the perfect note cap the wonderful Sonata.

I really learned so much from this very interesting lunch Mr Pierre Marmonier was very nice to talk to and I learned so much from him. He told us the history of his jams and he even shared a few tips too.  In fact you can use some of the less sweet varieties as glazes for chicken and they work very well. Flavors such as ginger preserves (use that often) or the marmalades. You can even use apricot with chicken, too.  A Grapefruit marmelade glaze works well with swordfish.  You can use it in other savory dishes too. Pork and duck  work especially work well with fruit. Jams & fruit spreads make a nice base for glazes.

The Fruit Garden
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