Appetite Magazine: New Editor-in-Chief Nina Daza-Puyat

Nina Daza-Puyat, author, TV host and daughter of iconic Nora Daza, is the new editor-in-chief of Appetite Magazine as introduced today in an intimate luncheon held at Discovery Suites. Let her tell you about herself in her own words:

WHEN I TOLD MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ABOUT MY NEW JOB, ONE OF THEM QUIPPED, “CONGRATS, EDITOR ‘N CHEF!” Let me say it here and now, I am not a chef. Although I did dream of becoming one when I was in college and even trained as an apprentice chef in France, my ultimate goal was to work as a hotel food and beverage executive.

Pursuing the culinary arts as a career was not yet popular in the Philippines in the early 80s and those of us who were interested in the food industry enrolled in Hotel and Restaurant Management instead. After a brief stint running our family-owned French restaurant Au Bon Vivant, I settled into a full-time career as wife and mother, part-time food stylist, one-time food columnist, once-upon-a-time TV cooking show host and small time entrepreneur.

While my peers embarked on various careers, I became a domestic diva, to whom “sales and marketing” meant “bargains and buying fish and vegetables.”When the offer to join Appetite came, I was caught completely by surprise and although my initial reaction was to turn it down, I realized that God must have been preparing me for this all along.

Putting together a culinary magazine is not unlike making dinner for your family. Together with my talented A-team, we decide on a specific concept (theme) and make suggestions on the possible articles (dishes) that will make the total package (meal) appealing and satisfying. All these with my targetaudience in mind (hungry hubby + four kids). What will they enjoy? What will be good for their health and well-being?

Our editorial content (menu) has to be balanced to educate and entertain our readers. It has to have a delectable mix of kitchen-tested recipes, informative food articles, inspiring stories, interesting travelogues, and a thorough guide to restaurant dining. Each page is created for foodies out there to savor and enjoy.

After our planning sessions, we proceed to my favorite part: shopping. Materials (ingredients) needed are carefully selected from different sources: the writers, photographers, food stylists (wet market, supermarket, gourmet deli). And because we have to stick to a budget, there’s haggling too, of course!

Hosted by Appetite’s publisher Monique Buensalido, the program began with a brief introduction of Nina Daza-Puyat. Another highlight of the event was the introduction of the new editorial team of Appetite Magazine which includes food editor Migs Yambao and assistant editor Viel Luis. The plans for the year were also presented to the guests, which includes new sections for the magazine, more exciting activities and major events.

As the new editor-in-chief, Puyat is looking forward to inspiring readers to make happy family memories. “I believe Appetite is the perfect companion for the homecook. We have recipes, inspiring stories, restaurant reviews and travel guides. I feel that I know the market well. I’m your typical homemaker who loves to cook and eat.

Also very close to my heart is our Project Feedback. We are the only food magazine that supports groups that feed the hungry. We believe that our responsibilities do not end at home. It’s time to reach out and give back,” she finishes.

Whet your appetite with Appetite Magazine. Appetite Magazine is a prestige publication of Mega Publishing Group. For more information, please visit


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