Patchi Comes to the Philippines

Renowned worldwide for its succulent premium chocolate, Patchi has become the ultimate destination for chocolate gifts. Patchi’s winning concept is already widespread across the globe with more than 143 boutiques expanded in four continents.

Patchi tailors every celebration in life by offering exquisite chocolate to celebrate great festivities and special occasions. Its quest for perfection has won the corporation a global success establishing itself as a trendsetter in the field of chocolate decoration and gifting.

Following an uncompromising high standards policy that reflects its commitment to continuously improving the quality of its products and services, Patchi is ISO 9001 – 2000 certified for Quality Management, which guarantees the highest level of standardization in the world and confirms Patchi’s commitment to premier performance and quality.

Today the brand is internationally known for its devotion to quality, creativity, and elegance through its stylish boutiques, proudly spread across major cities and capitals of the world with an intention to satisfy a diversified clientele.

Worldwide Expansion

In 1974, Patchi inaugurated its first boutique in Beirut – Lebanon, one that generated heavy traffic from the start. Using exclusively premium ingredients from day one, the boutique offered a wide range of delightful filled items ornamented with decorated chocolates suiting various life celebrations and occasions. Appreciated equally for their flavor & design, the little treats rose to fame and were highly anticipated, especially in meaningful occasions like Christmas and Chinese New Year. The brand name built a sound reputation and expanded out of Beirut to various countries over the globe covering the most cosmopolitan cities: Paris, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur & Hong Kong.

Today Patchi is a global brand name, operating in four continents, with 143 boutiques present in 26 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jordan, KSA, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA, with future plans to open in Tunisia, Algeria & Ukraine.

The Chocolate

Although the secret of success should be kept secret, the reasons behind Patchi’s chocolate global success are conspicuous. Patchi has forever been committed to providing its customers all over the world with the finest quality products, confectioned according to traditional excellence and stylishly wrapped with perfect elegance. Endowed with a remarkable flair for details, Patchi remains faithful to sophistication in design, one that has turned into an art by all means.
Patchi chocolate arrangements are of the most valuable assets in the organization’s culture. Especially tailored and personalized for any occasion, whether New Born, Wedding, Christmas, Valentine or any other life celebration… All made with love & care to best suit all aspirations, translating the authentic sense of aesthetics and reflecting everyone’s taste in style. Aside from chocolate arrangements, Patchi owns a line of chocolate boxes including a selection of 54 flavors filled within tin, leather, wooden, carton or mini bags consisting the perfect gift for any occasion.

Moreover, Patchi is distinguished with its executive corporate gift collections: it offers endless choices of lines & products, all of which can be customized, using cutting edge technologies & high end production, all designed to help businesses manage the corporate gift that reflects the enterprise’s image.


To complete its world of original offerings, Patchi has defined special lines suiting anyone who is looking for a gift of style and flair, and meeting with variant types of occasions, such as: Wedding, celebrating a new born with Patchi Baby, Patchi Silver and Patchino.

Patchi Wedding

For all brides to-be, Patchi offers special collections carrying each year different themes all related to the big day & its joy. Flowers, ornaments and lace decorate the bridal collection, which is not only limited to decorated chocolates but includes as well a variety of souvenirs of different designs and material – a giveaway to be cherished for a life time – along with a delightful collection of gift items and accessories.

Patchi Baby is a colorful world where Patchi celebrates the arrival of newborns in a joyful atmosphere. Teddy bears, butterflies, flowers, stars and animals adorn Patchi Baby chocolates and souvenirs. One may choose from the new collections introduced every season with different themes or have arrangements custom-made.

 In addition to all the above, an elegant selection of gift items that comes with or without chocolates is available; from elegant vases to creatively designed picture frames.

In the playful world of Patchino, the younger members of the family are also invited to enjoy Patchi Chocolate. With Bonny the Rabbit, Catty the Cat, Doggy the Dog, Dolmy the Reindeer, Elly the Elephant, Gerry the Giraffe, Leony the Lion, Timmy the Tiger and Zoey the Zebra, Patchino’s wide collection of delicious chocolates, educational and fun toys is sure to enrich the imagination of the younger generation.

Patchi Philippines
Welcome to the World of Patchi

From opening its boutiques in capitals such as Beirut, London, Paris, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, Patchi is now in Manila; and where better to find its first boutique than in one of the most posh locations in the metro today – the Bonifacio Highstreet.

Patchi is a notable brand in the chocolate world, signified and acknowledged as a trendsetter in the field, due to its extensive experience in chocolate making and gifting. Keen to details of creation and presentation is Patchi’s philosophy, or in other words a philosophy of uncompromised quality, one that supported its global presence and enriched its offerings.

The world of Patchi offers a chocolate collection that comes in a range of over 54 different flavors, sizes, and fillings that are individually wrapped by skilled craftsmen in a unique artistic way. Customers may also choose from the pre-packed collection of chocolate boxes presented in different styles and material carrying different fillings, the silverware & crystal collection, in addition to various decorative items to fill with Patchi chocolates and offer as a one-of-a-kind gift.

Patchi also specializes in wrapped and decorated chocolates; enhancing both their appearance and versatility. With the purpose of satisfying various tastes and desires, Patchi regularly releases Chocolate collections for every season and life celebrations including Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, etc…

The Bonifacio Highstreet Manila boutique is set to cater for all luxury chocolate lovers and gift seekers, where customers are sure to enjoy products and services that are distinctively Patchi. So go on and create precious gifts that personalize your celebrations and delight your senses by offering yourself and your loved ones a box of delightful Patchi chocolates.

8 thoughts on “Patchi Comes to the Philippines

  1. Love their chocolate
    I've been asking my family and friends to send me some when I'm not able to go abroad.
    I cant wait to visit their store at BHS!

  2. One of the best chocolates in the world.. Am blessed and lucky to have it everyday.. Yeah am working at patchi dubai.. 🙂 glad to know that we have it in philippines…

  3. Patchi taste good, i love it so much
    that ul rarely see our dining table without it.
    but if prices are compared, isnt it a bit overpriced in the Phil?
    i bought some fr Patchi bhs while im in the Phil last January it cost me Php 1000 for a few pcs not even qrt kg (just pack in patchi celophane type plastic) but here in Dubai half a kg is aed100 or approx Php1200/half kg only. is it bec of the freight cost? just asking 🙂

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