A few years ago, Midea was basically a new entrant brand in the minds of the Filipino market. With so many established appliance brands already etched in every consumer’s thought whenever on a search for appliances, Midea was on a tough road in competing to capture the attention of the market, more so, landing a space in their homes. But slowly and surely, Midea made its way to consumers through the help of their retail partners, the first line of people these consumers meet, who effectively convey the philosophy behind the brand and the benefits of Midea’s consumer friendly solutions.

“When we were set to bring the brandin, what we were looking for is not just selling boxes, not just selling products, ”Concepcion Midea,Inc. General Manager, Mr.Phillip Trapaga also points out that home chores are taking away a lot precious time for the whole family, “for us, it is really about studying the consumers, the pressures and the problems they are having with home chores, and bringing them friendly solutions that would make doing home chores easier for them.

”Abensons and Robinsons are just few of the first major retailers which easily welcomed the brand and have taken in its philosophy of not just ‘pushing the boxes’. “What we wanted to do in pushing the Midea brand to consumers is to stop talking much about the technology and start talking about the benefits and teach the consumer show they can have a worry-free life with our home-friendly products,” Trapaga said. Midea’s retail partners immediately adapted what the brand stands for and were willing to take the opportunity in taking Midea to their stores.

From the time Midea was launched up to this time, the brand has be enable to break through and has already achieved a significant position in terms of market share. Thanks to Midea’s retail partners who fervently communicate what Midea stands for and what their solutions can really do well in every the consumers’ homes. “I really thank our partners for letting us be part of their homes—their stores so to speak, and for letting us connect with our consumers.

”Midea and their trusted retail partners will continue their work in bringing in solutions to Filipino homes and educating them how these home-friendly solutions can give them a life better than they used to have with their old appliances. Midea nowenjoys its place in major appliance stores all over the country: SM Appliance Center, Conceptrade, CW home Depot, Magic All Home, Savers-Sentine, Savers Appliances, MegaSavers, Imperial, Asian Homes, Gleen Marketing, Quality, RJHomes, Price wise Marketing, Dimdi, RoyalStar, Robinsons,Abenson,Western, and BHF.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at http://midea.com.phandFacebook page https://www.facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.

McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day

Your family looks forward to Halloween year on year with woodwind brasswind store because of playful trick-or-treats, creative costumes, and fun activities. 
This year, McDonald’s celebrates Halloween bigger as it holds the Grand Halloween Family Fun Day for the second consecutive year in Cebu and for the first time ever in Manila. Kids and kids-at-heart are welcome to join the Fun Day at J. Center Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu, on October 22, 2016, and at the World Trade Center Metro Manila on October 29, 2016. 

The whole family can bond over exciting games and activities such as the Magic Kingdom Show and over their favorite McDonald’s meals during the event.

Tickets are available in all McDonald’s restaurants in Metro Manila and in Cebu. Kids who will sign up will get their cape, pumpkin bag, and a hat to complete their overall Halloween look! They will also enjoy their Happy Meal with 1PC Chicken McDo meal.

For more details, visit the McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day event page for Cebu and Manila on Facebook.com/McDo.ph.

Share your and your kids’ eye-catching and spooky costumes and cherished bonding moments by posting them on Facebook, www.facebook.com/McDo.ph, or tagging @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram.

Detox the Heart: A Rare Treat

Just like our physical body, our hearts also get polluted, sick and wounded while journeying through life.

The heart can be choked with stress, sadness, fear, confusion, helplessness or anger.

Detox the Heart is a rare kind of healing, a rare treat that is very relevant to the times, in this hurried life we now live.

First Love Ministries, founded by Barbara Gordon-delos Reyes is happy to announce this maiden presentation to the public, 14-15 October 2016, 9:00am-5:00pm, The Heritage, 28/F, Raffles Corporate Center, F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Guest speakers are Rev. Nancy Quay, an ordained Baptist Minister with a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling, major in Family Therapy, and Chong Mei Lin, trained in counseling from the University of Nations, YWAM (Youth with a Mission, Hawaii).

Do you know the true condition of your heart? Find out!

Experience the truth of Jesus’ Words that He has indeed come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.

Detox the Heart seeks to let God bring light and clarity to our burdened hearts, to help us identify and cleanse deep-rooted beliefs which may have bound our lives.

For complimentary reservations, please call 09285074138, 09088166234, 09177921792, and 09272809305

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera for a Chicken Mcdo 


EXCLUSIVE: Dingdong and Yanyan’s behind the scenes photos in their new McDonald’s TV commercial shoot

The big news is out! Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are self confessed Chicken McDo lovers and their fans and McDonald’s customers just can’t get enough of their recent surprise.

In their new TV commercial for McDonald’s, Dingdong and Yanyan playfully call each other as they eagerly wait for their Chicken McDo delivery. The couple casually orders Chicken McDo as they take a break from their busy schedules. Here are exclusive behind the scenes shots that will surely make you love this couple more.

Yanyan gives Dingdong a warm hug as they wait for the cameras to roll

Dingdong and Yanyan enjoy the Chicken McDo as they film their first McDonald’s TVC
Dingdong and Yanyan are clearly ‘at home’ because they spend memorable bonding moments with their families and friends at McDonald’s. For them, the taste of Chicken McDo is truly close to home and is something that they always go back to.
Dingdong and Yanyan also shared that they couldn’t wait to spend more bonding moments with their family, friends, and fans over the juicier and tastier Chicken McDo.
Like Dingdong and Yanyan, you can try Chicken McDo anytime at McDonald’s stores nationwide. You can also avail of it via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36, www.mcdelivery.com.ph, or the McDo PH app). Share your photos enjoying Chicken McDo on Facebook, facebook.com/McDo.ph or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.

Herbalife Philippines Signs Partnership with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines

Herbalife Philippines Signs Partnership with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines to Expand its Product Access Points Nationwide .Herbalife Philippines, part of the global nutrition company Herbalife, announced a strategic partnership with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines to make it more convenient for Herbalife Independent Members and customers to access its nutrition products. Under the arrangement, Herbalife members and customers will be able to pick up Herbalife products that they’ve ordered from the company at Phoenix retail stations across the country.


The official signing ceremony was led by (from left to right, foreground) Herbalife International Philippines, Inc. Senior Manager-Warehouse and Logistics Edwin Serrano and General Manager Rosalio T. Valenzuela; and Phoenix Petroleum’s Chief Operating Officer Romeo de Guzman, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Joselito de Jesus and Assistant Vice President for Sales North Mindanao Roy Jimenez. Also present to witness the event were (from left to right, background) Herbalife’s Warehouse and Logistics Manager Rency Zapanta, Corporate Communications Manager Barbette A. Soliven, Marketing Manager Marie Segismundo and National Sales Manager Rhoda Davis; and Phoenix Petroleum’s Non-Fuel Related Coordinator Genaline Binsol, Non-Fuel Related Business Assistant Manager Angelo Balajadia, Assistant Vice President-Brand and Marketing Celina Matias and Assistant Vice President for Sales Mega Manila Eric Inocencio.

This pilot program with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines is a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to sustainable expansion in line with its business growth in the country.

The agreement, and the recent opening of Herbalife’s Quick Response Center in Cebu City, is part of Herbalife’s plan to increase its product access and availability in the Philippines where a recent survey showed weight gain is the top concern of 84 percent of the population. 

“This expansion will make it very easy for our members and customers to obtain Herbalife products at a location closer to their homes,” said Rosalio Valenzuela, general manager of Herbalife Philippines. “People are continuously looking for ways to become fit. This new initiative supports the efforts of our members to bring excellent nutrition to more Filipinos in every community.” 
Phoenix Petroleum Philippines has built an extensive network throughout the country with almost 450 stations and is currently refurbishing existing stations and building new large ones to provide more products to their customers. It was named as the 2015 Outstanding Filipino Franchise in the large-store retail category by the Philippine Franchise Association.
“Phoenix Petroleum Philippines stations are now becoming major one-stop destinations for a variety of needs including convenience stores, restaurants and car servicing shops,” said Roy Jimenez, Phoenix assistant vice president for Sales North Mindanao. “This new partnership with Herbalife demonstrates our commitment to become an indispensable partner in the lives of every Filipino.”
For more information about Herbalife in the Philippines, click here. For information on Phoenix Philippines, click here. 

About Herbalife:


Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has been changing people’s lives with great products since 1980. Our nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness and personal care products are available exclusively to and through dedicated Herbalife Independent Members in more than 90 countries. We are committed to fighting the worldwide problems of poor nutrition and obesity by offering high-quality products, one-on-one coaching with an Herbalife Member and a community that inspires customers to live a healthy, active life.


We support the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife programs to help bring good nutrition to children in need. We also sponsor more than 190 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy and champions in many other sports.


The company has over 8,000 employees worldwide, and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF) with net sales of US$4.5 billion in 2015. The Herbalife website contains a significant amount of financial and other information about the company at http://ir.Herbalife.com. The company encourages investors to visit its website from time to time, as information is updated and new information in posted. To learn more, visit Herbalife.com or IAmHerbalife.com.

McDonald’s gives Chicken McDo to thousands of magkapangalan customers nationwide

??McDonald’s gives Chicken McDo to thousands of magkapangalan customers nationwideFor FREE? Yes, for FREE!
McDonald’s held an in-store celebration of its best tasting chicken as it gave away FREE 1PC Chicken McDo to customers with the same name or similar sounding names during the #PaChickenMcDo para sa mga Magkapangalan event held earlier today.

 This is McDonald’s way of treating more customers with its best-tasting Chicken McDo that is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection! Magkapangalan customers who dined in select McDonald’s restaurants nationwide confessed that the juicier and tastier Chicken McDo is indeed “McMcMc-Masarap!”

In April this year, McDonald’s treated thousands of Joy to a FREE 1PC Chicken McDo in select stores in Metro Manila. Now, more customers like Carlo, Karlo, Mary, Marie, Jayson, Jason, Paulo, and Paolo, have enjoyed Chicken McDo not only within the metro but across the country! 

Like them, you can try Chicken McDo anytime at McDonald’s stores nationwide. You can also avail of it via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36, www.mcdelivery.com.ph, or the McDo PH app).

Share your photos enjoying Chicken McDo on Facebook, facebook.com/McDo.ph or tag @McDo_PH.

Don Papa Rum

Don Papa is a premium aged small batch rum from the isle of Negros Occidental, the Philippines. Distilled from some of the finest sugar cane in the world, Don Papa is first aged 7 years in oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before being blended to perfection.
Light and fruity on the nose whilst smooth and delicate on the palate, the light amber colored Don Papa has a long, rich-textured finish and offers flavor of vanilla, honey and candied fruits.

Rum is usually made from molasses, a byproduct of sugar canes when it is processed to be made into sugar. Molasses is then fermented and the liquid distilled into rum, which is usually aged in old oak barrels.

Rum is probably one of the few beverages that has great historical significance. Sugar was the real prize for most European explorers. It has been said and noted that Christopher Columbus shipped sugarcane to the New World. It was the Caribbean islanders soon began converting the sugar byproducts into relatively cheap alcoholic liquid first known as Kill-Devil and then later on called Rumbullion which meant a “rowdy brawl” They probably shortened it to Rum where it got its name. There are several stories of the etymology of rum – some say it came from the British while still other people say that it was derived from a Latin word.

Don Papa rum is made by the Bleeding Heart Rum Company, founded by former Rémy Martin executive Stephen Carroll. Stephen decided to create, produce and perfect this 100% Pinoy made rum and base it here in the country. The only thing foreign used in the making of the rum is the American oak barrels that holds the rum while it ages. I don’t think it would produce the same taste if it were aged in Kamagong or Narra – just saying. Filipino rum, just like its counterparts in another countries, has its own distinct flavor. Most rums develop this “personality” of sorts through the liquor distilling process.

Sadly, there isn’t enough documentation with regard to the production of Rum in the Philippines. Documentations are usually from the other brand and court documents that detail the illegal local rum distillers. Although the earliest recorded mention of rum in the Philippines is at 1854, some people believe that rum has been made even earlier than that. The trading routes have allowed rum to be taken from the Philippines, Indonesia and China to western countries. Since rum is also made with sugar, it preserves well and was the drink of choice for sailors and sea-farers.

Since rum’s base ingredient is sugar cane juice or molasses, one can expect rum to be a preferred drink of the ladies due to its sweet taste. Good rum does not taste like chemicals and should have a fruity almost chocolate-y flavour. 
The bottle comes in a tubular carton case with a metal lid and bottom. The entire design is impressive and has the look and feel of the paper money during the time of the Spanish occupation. It even has the silver/gold string that is woven along the paper – giving it a feel of monetary authenticity.

We spent a good few minutes just looking at the packaging, playing a game of “where’s the animal”. There is a tarsier hiding in the cravat, a slug disguising itself as a moustache, a snail, a gecko, bugs that look like roaches and this weird looking dog like creature. Of course, Don Papa is shown as stately and commanding.

Don Papa Rum’s bottle has a very thick glass base which is a wonderful indicator of quality alcohol. The cork that they use is natural and is lovely to smell – another indicator of how good the rum is.

The label is pretty much the same as the packaging but has this lovely red paper stamp. The top is sealed with a label that has a lovely drawing of a spider while the neck has a drawing of a spotted gecko. They really put a lot of hard work into creating this wonderful label. Kudos to Bleeding Heart and their team!

Where to purchase Don Papa

Here is the complete list of bars, restaurants, stores and supermarkets that you can purchase Don Papa rum from. You can also purchase one online. The suggested retail price ranges from P980 to P1,000 but prices do change from place to place.


Aracama Filipino Cuisine (BGC)

Beso Cucina Vinoteka (BGC)

Cova Tapas Bar (Jupiter)

The Distillery (BGC)

The Distillery (Eastwood)

The Distillery (Jupiter)

Draft Gastropub (BGC)

Draft Gastropub (Rockwell)

Elbert’s Steakroom (Salcedo Village)

Little Asia (Binondo)

Kasbah (BGC)

Moksha (San Juan)

Opus Restaurant & Lounge (Resorts World)

Prive Luxury Club (BGC)

Prohibition (Dillinger’s Greenbelt)

Republiq Club (Resorts World)

The Reserve (Ortigas)

Stella & Rocket Room (BGC)

Taverna Verde (Ortigas)

2nd’s (BGC)

Boy’s Restaurant & Bar

Bubba Gump

Bugsy’s Bar & Resto (BGC)

Bugsy’s Bar & Resto (Ortigas)

Café Havana

Chef Tatung Café

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Cork Room

Dusit Thani Manila

Embassy XL Club, & Café, Inc.

Felix Restaurant

Interpro c/o Manila Polo Club


Kings of Tomorrow

Mamou Restaurant

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Marciano Restaurant

Ming Bistro

Misibis Resort & Hotel

Museum Café


Premio Bar & Restaurant

Red Box Greebelt

Up above the Sky Restaurant

Zuni Restaurant & Wine Bar

Airport House of Wines (Paranaque)

Antonio’s Minimart (Bulacan)

Bottle Zone Wines & Liquors (Malate)

Circle Liquor Center (Timog)

Corkroom Wine (Mandaluyong)

Gilmore Wine Shop (San Juan)

GKMS Wines & Spirits Buendia (Makati)

Han’s Liquor Kalayaan (Makati)

Harry’s Liquor Mart (Makati)

Hezi House of Wines

Malate Wines

Metro Wine

Metro Vinos

Ralph’s Wines & Spirits (Aguirre, BGC, Greenhills, Katipunan, Makati Ave., Pasay Road, Podium, President Ave., Salcedo Village, Tramo)

Ram’s House of Wine

Wine Rack (Timog)

Wine Circle (Timog)

The Landmark (Makati)

Makati Supermarket (Alabang)

Pioneer Supermarket Kapitolyo (Ortigas)

Rustan’s Supermarkets

S&R (All locations)

South Supermarket (Alabang)

Unimart Supermarket (Greenhills)

Benguet Supermarket (Baguio)

Booze Wines & Spirits (Baguio)

Bora Budget Mart (Boracay)

Casa Italia (Puerta Galera)

Cuba! Cuba! Rum & Sports Bar (Angeles CIty)

Cellar (Bacolod)

Mu Shu (Bacolod)

Shirmarro’s Wine Center (Bacolod)

The Distillery (Cebu)

Tratorria Uma (Bacolod)

21 (Bacolod)

Ritual (The Collective Makati)

The Green Grocer Manila


Carlo or Karlo. Mark or Marc. Mary, Merry, or Marie.

Do you know someone who has the same name as you? You and your friend are in for a treat if you share the same name, even if they are not spelled with the same set of letters!

Enjoy FREE 1PC Chicken McDo a la carte for you and your namesake on September 27,Tuesday, 2:00 PM to 3:00PM in select participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. Simply bring a valid ID with photo to prove that you and your companion have the same name or similar sounding name.

Mark your calendar and invite your friend for this special treat. You can’t resist saying, “McMcMc-Masarap!” with every bite of McDonald’s best-tasting chicken that is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection! This offer is valid for dine-in only. Check outmcdonalds.com.ph for complete details.

Now you can have fun not only by calling each other in the same name but also by tasting the juicier and tastier Chicken McDo.

See you Carlo, Karlo, Mary, Marie, Jayson, Jason, Liza, Lisa, Lieza, Paulo, Paolo, and friends!

Don’t forget to post your photos enjoying Chicken McDo on Facebook,facebook.com/McDo.ph or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with #PaChickenMcDo.

Jolly Hotdog in Cheesy Classic and NEW Chili Cheese

Taste over-the-top beefy goodness of Jolly Hotdog in Cheesy Classic and NEW Chili Cheese variants. Jollibee, the country’s largest fast food chain, has beefed up one of its well-loved product lines, the Jolly Hotdog, with the New Chili Cheese variant, an exciting addition to its Cheesy Classic variant.

Always served fresh, the Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog offers over-the-top beefy goodness with its beef hotdog in a warm bun, topped with a slightly tangy special dressing and livened up with grated cheese and tomato catsup.

Just like the Cheesy Classic variant, the New Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog is a beef hotdog in a delicious bun, but this time topped with a generous serving of mouth-watering meaty chili and cheese sauce.
At the Jolly Hotdog’s core is a beefy, juicy hotdog that makes for a perfect treat you want to savor every bite of. This certified delish snack is packed with over-the-top flavors and textures you’ll never find in plain and boring hotdog sandwiches.
According to Francis E. Flores, Jollibee Chief Global Marketing Officer and Jollibee Philippines Head of Marketing, the New Chili Cheese Jolly Hotdog came at the right time when consumers are more attuned to variety and adventure.
“The more thrilling Chili Cheese variant is for today’s fast food fans who are always looking to explore new flavors. The new tasty topping definitely adds zest and adventure to Jolly Hotdog,” he said. Launched in 1990, Jolly Hotdog has always been an all-time favorite among barkadas, teens, kids and kids at heart as a way to satisfy their hunger with a delicious and reasonably priced snack, or as a comfort food to relish either for dine-in, takeout, drive-thru or delivery.
Come and enjoy Jolly Hotdog in Cheesy Classic and New Chili Cheese variants with your friends, either ala carte or in a combo meal with regular fries and drink. Price starts at P50.

McMcMc’ for the love of Chicken McDo

 McDonald’s welcomes two self-confessed Chicken McDo lovers—reel and real life couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera to its family! 

In their new TV commercial, the couple enjoys their bonding time at home with the perfect combination of good food, great company, and music mic splitter with playful attitude as they call each other while eagerly waiting for their Chicken McDo delivery. See it for yourself by watching the TVC on this link.

You couldn’t blame them for giving in to their appetite because the new and improved Chicken McDo is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection. It’s definitely juicier and tastier with just the right crunch!

Like Dingdong and Yanyan, you can also try Chicken McDo anytime at McDonald’s stores nationwide. You can also avail of it via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,www.mcdelivery.com.ph, or the McDo PH app).

Share your photos enjoying Chicken McDo on Facebook, facebook.com/McDo.ph or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.